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About our Studio

We are more than just teaching dance

Doris Ann’s Dance exists to teach dance in an uplifting and fun atmosphere. We dance to Christian worship inspirational music to bring God Glory, show how loving and powerful He is and to realize how fearfully and wonderfully God has made each of us.


In all of our classes our students are

  • Taught in an uplifting and fun atmosphere.

  • Dancing to Christian music.

  • Worshiping God through dance.

  • Learning how wonderfully and fearfully God has made them. - Psalm 139:14

  • Forming meaningful friendships and connections through our circle time “get to know you question of the day” and praying together as a class.

  • Gaining confidence in their moving and dancing knowing they can do all things through Christ. - Philippians 4:13

  • Treating one another with love and respect. We do unto others as we would have them do to us. - Luke 6:31

Our class structure 

All of our classes are an hour long. This allows plenty of time for our teachers to spend quality time teaching, encouraging and getting to know our students. As well as time for our students to grow in their knowledge and skill of dance, form meaningful friendships and grow in their confidence and relationship with God. 

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