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Tap & Jazz

Age groups: 4 & 5 yrs, 6-7 yrs and 8-9 yrs

In this class students will learn and go over the basic foundations of Tap dance AND Jazz dance as well as learn new movements to further their knowledge and skill in all things tap and jazz. The lessons will always be tasteful in considering modesty and appropriate dance moves that bring God glory. Your dancer is sure to have fun in this upbeat and lively class! 



Classical Ballet & Worship Dance 
Age groups: 6-7 yrs, 8-9 yrs and 10-13 yrs

Classical ballet aspect; students will learn and go over the basic foundations of ballet, continually work on posture, learn correct form and new movements to further their knowledge and skill in classical ballet. 
Worship dance aspect; students will dance to different worship songs every class and have a turn to choose their favorite worship song for the class to dance to. They will learn how to dance with worship flags, props and learn interpretive steps and moves to make the worship lyrics come to life. 


Pre Ballet
Age group 4 & 5 yrs

This class is for students who have taken our Creative Movement class before or have been in a structured class setting before. In this class the students will learn and review the basic elements of ballet and start to learn correct form and placement. This class is still full of imagination and props so our young ballerinas can learn ballet in a fun atmosphere. 


Creative Movement

Age group is young 3-4 yrs


This class is an intro class for our youngest dancers who are just starting to have an interest in dance and ballet. In this class they will learn how to mimic movement, take turns, move to different types of music and learn the basic elements of ballet. It is a class full of movement, fun and imagination in which they start to learn and discover how amazing God made their bodies to move, dance and worship their Creator.



Mommy & Me
​These classes are every other Tuesday morning!
Come and create fun memories moving and dancing with your little one. In this class you and your child will learn the basic elements of ballet, worship God through movement and have a great time moving, dancing and imagining together. 
First come first serve sign up for each class. $10 for Mother and child per class ( $5 per additional child) 

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